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With activation, you can also use your journal subscription offline in the eRef app.

1) First select your journal subscription or the account for Open Access journals

2) Enter your subscription number (optional)

Your subscription number is located on your journal mailing label.

3) Then confirm with "Continue" and register in eRef

You're almost done! All that's left is to register in eRef (registration is free of charge for you).

By clicking on "Continue", you can register either with your existing user name (if you are already registered for a Thieme product) or you can create a new user.

You will have immediate access to your journal subscription once registration is complete.




Benefits of eRef

  • You can now access your journal subscription with the premium functions of eRef
  • You can perform searches with the substantially improved eRef search function including Megacomplete
  • eRef is optimized for mobile devices

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